(Permanent Press/U.S. and Canada)

(Last Call/Europe and Asia)

Richard's third full-length album is a distillation of some sixty songs recorded over the past several years in a variety of formats. He laid down tracks for many of the tunes at his old stomping grounds, Soundscape Studios.

The cover photo by Nancy Leigh shows Richard strolling down East 2nd Street, in front of the Marble Cemetary near his East Village apartment in New York, a place he goes each day to feed the local wildlife (pigeons, sparrows, crows, squirrels, and assorted other birds).

Once again, Richard created a rock band all by himself, with occasional appearances by guest musicians Nancy Leigh on bass, Lez Warner on drums, Andy Resnick on guitar, Dave Amels and Andy Burton on organ, and assorted string players and back-up vocalists.


1. Cornerstone
2. All I Have
3. If We Should Ever Meet Again
4. Racing After You
5. Everything The Same
6. Tidal Wave
7. When She Arrives
8. The Drone Song
9. From This Day Forever
10. Ask Anyone Who's Tried
11. Out Of My Hands
12. When It Was Our Time
13. On You
14. Clear To Me Now