The new album by Richard X. Heyman

Pop Circles

Pop Circles showcases the wide variety of melodic pop styles in which RXH excels – from melodic pop to soulful sizzling rock.

Says RXH, “This album is the latest batch of melodies, chord progressions, drum beats and words that somehow fell together and were recorded for posterity by my lovely engineer and wife Nancy. We started at East Side Sound on the Lower East Side, where I bashed and crashed on their vintage four-piece Rogers kit. After ten hours of that cacophony, we took those drum performances home to our bedroom studio and began trying to make sense out of it all. The result is this LP.” (FYI, if you’re not familiar with RXH’s drumming skills, you’re in for a treat. He has lent his persuasive percussion chops to such rock luminaries as Brian Wilson, Jonathan Richman, Link Wray and :Mark Lindsey, among others, including the band he founded, classic garage rockers The Doughboys.) For this project, Nancy Leigh plays solid and inventive bass as well as engineers and provides some harmony vocals; Julia Kent adds beautiful cello tracks to a few tunes; and Chris Jenkins contributed superlative viola performances.

Pop Circles contains 12 brand-new songs. Also included is the 5-song EP, “Richie’s Three Chord Garage” featuring RXH’s versions of songs he penned for The Doughboys to which he adds the songwriter imprint. Remaining material will be available as exclusive bonus tracks for this Kickstarter campaign. Some of the other bonuses will be original artwork by RXH that was used on the CD jacket, the “circle shirts” he wore in the pictures, badges, wristwatches, clocks, etc., all featuring the pun-y iconic front cover image, and of course autographed copies of the album.

RXH was one of the first “one man band” recording artists, following in the grand tradition of Paul McCartney, Emitt Rhodes and Todd Rundgren. His abilities have won him a fiercely loyal grass-roots fan base and reams of acclaim over the course of his career. Critical praise began with the release of his first album Living Room!! which Rolling Stone proclaimed “an undiscovered treasure.” All Music Guide called him “perhaps America’s greatest unsung hero of power pop, a songwriter of uncommon talent and intelligence and a one-man rock band without peer,” while praised his “hooks galore and ebullient melodies, and lyrics revealing the emotional power that pop can pack into its brevity.” As Rolling Stone editor David Wild put it in a piece on RXH’s fourth album Basic Glee, “rock’n’roll doesn’t get any better than this.”

Come full circle with Richard X. Heyman on Pop Circles!

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Listen Buy Now 1. Guess You Had To Be There
Listen Buy Now 2. If You're So Inclined
Listen Buy Now 3. Upside and Down
Listen Buy Now 4. Everything Must Go
Listen Buy Now 5. Action Screams Louder Than Words
Listen Buy Now 6. A Love Would Have It
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Listen Buy Now 8. A New Light
Listen Buy Now 9. In a Sunlit Room
Listen Buy Now 10. About Time
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Listen Buy Now 12. Where Circles End
Listen Buy Now 13. Until Now
Listen Buy Now 14. Long Way Down
Listen Buy Now 15. Land
Listen Buy Now 16. Route 22
Listen Buy Now 17. Until The Clock Strikes Doom
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