RIGHTOVERS is available for download
at the following internet retailers;

iTunes and iTunes International
Napster and Napster International
MusicNet (AOL, Virgin, FYE, CDigix)
Audio Lunchbox

The consumer can buy the entire album or individual tracks, and cover artwork will also be downloadable, so the buyer can assemble his or her very own Rightovers CD. This will be the only way for Heyman fans who don’t yet own this disc to buy it, as hard copies of the CD are not available.

As you will recall, back in 2002, Richard X. was thinking up unique ways to promote the then-in-progress Basic Glee, and he hit upon the idea of involving you, his listening public with the creation and release of that album. He invited you to become a member of the “Basic Glee Choir” which entitled you to various goodies, including a bonus disc, which turned out to be Rightovers. (Richard is so prolific that he had more than an album’s worth of leftover tracks lying on the shelf!)

Despite its lack of availability, Rightovers received stunning accolades. Said PopMatters, “Rightovers is yet another testament to the pop-songwriting and musical talents of Richard X. Heyman…fans of Richard X. Heyman will love this gem of a bonus disc, as should others…you get a mix of different era writing styles all filtered through the lush melodic executions that have become Heyman’s calling card.” Agreed the All Music Guide: “at his best, Heyman’s level of craft actually approaches that of the Fab Four…a listen to Heyman’s fifth album, Rightovers, offers plenty of evidence that he is truly one of the past, present and future masters of smart power pop…Rightovers is just as strong and every bit as enjoyable as one of Heyman’s ‘real’ albums…anyone who loves a great melody and a killer hook will fall in love with this disc.”

And while we’re at it, we’re making Cornerstone available via downloads, too!

Download your copies of Rightovers and Cornerstone now!