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There were lots of leftovers from Cornerstone, as Richard recorded roughly sixty songs in the seven years between Hey Man! and that release. At a certain point in assembling the final track list for Cornerstone, Richard sensed an emerging theme, of tunes having to do with love relationships. That criterion led to the deletion of many beautiful tracks, which lay dormant until the 2001 release of the mini-album Heyman, Hoosier & Herman.

The song "Hoosier" was first recorded for the Actual Size EP and then again in 1991 with Peter Noone (of Herman's Hermits fame) singing lead vocals, Nancy Leigh on bass, Andy Resnick on guitar, and Richard, who played drums, organ, and acoustic twelve-string guitar, and everyone singing along with Herman. "Hoosier" is a lost love ode to a first girlfriend. Richard first met Peter Noone when they were both both signed to Cypress Records in 1990. The recording remained unreleased until the realization struck that it deserved to be heard by pop aficionados everywhere and why not accompany it with worthy songs that had fallen by the wayside from the Cornerstone sessions?

There are still more Cornerstone outtakes, which may see light of day in the future. Goldmine has called Heyman, Hoosier & Herman "easily a candidate for best (take your choice) a) album b)EP c) CD of (your choice again) 1) 2000 b) 2001 c) the whole damn new had to be a tough choice when it came to crossing them off the Cornerstone collection. Fortunately for Heyman devotees, they're given a welcome return here." Said, "these songs don't sound like outtakes, with hooks galore and ebullient melodies...revealing the emotional power that pop can pack into its brevity."

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