Sometimes music reflects the times in which it is created. The songwriter may not even be aware of that implication. I certainly didn’t sit down and decide to write in a particular vein. It is only when it’s completed and presented to others that the composer realizes that connection. At least this songwriter. So, yes, Incognito, my twelfth full length album, may have an element of foreboding and darkness. It was written in 2016 and although there are no direct topical references, there is an inescapable link, an undertone, not only of what was going on in my life, but in the world around me as well. I’m too much of an optimist to be all doom-and-gloom, so there is a balance between the ups and downs, sorrow and joy, darkness and light. I welcome you, the listener, into the soundscape of Incognito.



1. Incognito
2. A Fool’s Errand
3. Chalk It Up
4. And Then
5. Gleam
6. So What
7. In Our Best Interest
8. Her Garden Path
9. Lift
10. Miss Shenandoah Martin
11. All You Can Do
12. Terry Two Timer
13. These Troubled Times
14. Everybody Get Wise