Lone wolf on the side of the road watching life roll by
A renegade on the run
And every quaint storefront on the block one used to stroll by
Is now a den of suspicion

No, didn’t do what they say, but what does it matter?
They think it’s true anyway
Trapped in a frozen time, like some mad hatter
A stranger with nowhere to stay

Incognito, incognito

Alone but can’t risk a friend to put his trust in
When there’s a price on his head
Can’t stay in one place too long, for fear that they’ll bust in
Could wind up dead in that bed

Incognito, incognito

To all you out on the fringes and persecuted
I wish you well as you travel
Know that you’re not alone, hope the story’s refuted
And you can get off of the gravel

Incognito, incognito