Living Room LP

12" VINYL EP 1988

(N.R. World Records Unltd.)

Richard entitled his classic self-produced 14-song LP "Living Room!!" in honor of the studio where it was recorded -- in engineer Nick DiFabbio's living room.

Richard opened the album with dialogue from the movie "The Trip" starring Peter Fonda and Bruce Dern. (Bruce Dern asks Peter Fonda: "You want to go over the bridge, back into the living room?" to which Fonda responds, "Yeah, the living room...the living ROOM!") Dialogue from "Born Yesterday" leads into "Union County Line" wherein Broderick Crawford's character talks about his hometown of Plainfield, New Jersey -- also Richard's hometown. (All segues were deleted for the re-release.)

In 1989, Rolling Stone gave "Living Room!!" a glowing review, describing Richard as "an undiscovered treasure", leading to Richard's signing with Cypress/A&M Records, who re-released the album in 1990.


1. Call Out The Military
2. Local Paper
3. All For The Girl
4. Learn To Love
5. Wouldn't That Be A Riot?
6. Oh No Elaine
7. Collides In Front Of Mine
8. Oh Johnny Oh!
9. Night Ride Rail
10. Catalina
11. The Bad Man Got Away
12. Deep Down In My Heart
13. Union County Line
14. Palace Of Time