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Hey Man! A Pop Perfectionist Makes Another Masterpiece
-Rock & Roll Globe

Yet another masterpiece from Power Pop All Star singer/songwriter/musician Richard X. Heyman. The melodies are infectious and RXH still has a tremendous knack for crafting songs that fall into the ear candy category. Long may you run, Sir Richard!

Richard X. Heyman hits it right out of the ballpark and straight into the stratosphere on his latest album. The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist sure knows how to craft a steady series of deliciously bouncy'n'catchy melodies that virtually explode with pure joy and vitality. This is pop/rock music done with consummate skill and unfettered passion; it's music that soars and sparkles as well as radiates an infectiously happy and upbeat vibe without ever getting too cloying or corny about it; it's music that makes the listener smile and wanna get up and dance around the room. In other words, it's simply wonderful and invigorating stuff.
-Jersey Beat

Pop Circles (Turn-Up Records) marks Heyman’s 13th solo album, and as expected the results are nothing short of fabulous. Propelled by Heyman’s rich and confident lung power, each track on Pop Circles is executed in a clear and determined manner. Sweeping piano patterns, accompanied by rivers of ringing guitars, engaging choruses and celestial string arrangements supply the material with an appealing balance of pop art sophistication and riveting rock and roll. Solid and exciting performances, paired with thoughtful and honest lyrical content, make Pop Circles an ear-pleasing event. Heyman’s appreciation of music from decades past, with nods to folks like the Zombies, the Byrds, Love and Todd Rundgren can’t be denied, yet his tunesmith sensibilities, production and delivery cast a timeless feel. A flawless collection of pop rocking shapes and sounds, Pop Circles portrays Richard X. Heyman in his element all the way.
-Something Else

The unsung hero of one-man-band power pop is back with Pop Circles, his thirteenth album, containing a dozen brand new, expertly executed tunes plus six bonus tracks. So next time the current state of music radio drives you mad, listen to Pop Circles and let those ancient alients show ya what’s what.

Who says the number 13 is unlucky? Power pop hero Richard X. Heyman's 13th full-length album Pop Circles hits all the right notes on its exhilarating ride that includes a dozen principal cuts and five bonus tracks! The album begins with the sweeping "Guess You Had To Be There," a tuneful and intoxicating track that casts its spell with a single listen. The album's sumptuous gifts don't end there; the lush "If You're So Inclined" (which recalls some of the Byrds' beloved nuggets), the yearning confessional "Everything Must Go," the garage rocker "Hope," driving harmonies-rich "Marlena" and the baroque pop gem "About Time" are among my faves.
-Rockwrite Blogspot

“Guess You Had To Be There” and “If You’re So Inclined” really blast out of the gate with nothing but pure melody. “Upside Down” and the dreamy ‘Everything Must Go” slow it down a bit and he goes straight back to the decade he began recording, the 60’s, for the crunchy “Action Screams Louder Than Words.” On the rest of the record you’ll hear echoes of some of Heyman’s idols like the Beach Boys, The Left Banke, The Zombies (and it should really no surprise that Heyman has played with the first two mentioned there, I don’t mean on the bill but in both Brian Wilson and Michael Brown’s backing bands). In addition to the album’s 12 tracks this cd also adds 5 more songs as Richie’s Three-Chord Garage, basically updated versions of songs he wrote in The Doughboys ansd all five are worth your time. Lucky album #13 and Heyman shows no sign of slowing down. You keep recording, Mr. Heyman, and we’ll keep listening. Cool?

Richard X. Heyman has been in the game for a long time now, and the multi-instrumentalist with unwavering DIY ethics returns with his 13th album where his power-pop prowess is never in short supply and the melodies arrive in spades. Heyman’s impressive resume includes being a founder of the legendary outfit The Doughboys, and here the veteran artist proves he’s only getting better with age as he plays most of the instruments here on a jangly, melodic and varied excursion into power-pop genius.
-Take Effect


Pop Circles favors Richard’s pop side, where melody, harmony and instrumental brilliance are king. As you would expect from a Heyman album, always a treat and a shining light in any pop release cycle, the highlights are plenty. Throughout Pop Circles, Richard’s instrumental and vocal prowess prove their mettle (no surprise there); his singular, one-of-a-kind drum parts and thickly defined harmony stacks are particularl

Pop Circles is the bright, immersive 13th album from the one-man, technicolor song factory of idealistic power-pop champion Richard X. Heyman. As per usual, Heyman plays just about every instrument here, drawing out sweet, tuneful nectar from a wide range of acoustic and electric guitars, while ceding bass duties to wife and longtime recording engineer Nancy, whose strong, melodic sensibilities stir these intoxicating drinks. Lovely flourishes and flows of strings courtesy of Julia Kent and Chris Jenkins abound, heightening the yearning nostalgia of “Guess You Had to be There” and bittersweet resignation of “Everything Must Go,” their swerving, undulating movements adding baroque washes and enhancing the record’s kaleidoscopic swirls, like those sweeping through the swooning “As Love Would Have It” and “Where Circles End.” Echoes of The Zombies, The Left Banke and other ‘60s pop mystics whisper in the ears of Heyman’s acolytes on Pop Circles, as smooth blends of vocal harmonies tumble and slide around this sophisticated musical playground. And yet for all of its immaculately crafted refinement, Pop Circles doesn’t mind getting its hands dirty. Befitting Heyman’s rugged, garage-rock history with The Doughboys, “Action Screams Louder Than Words,” with its whirling organ frenzy, is tough and uncompromising, while the racing pace, infectious energy and rolling piano runs of “Marlena” take a heartfelt joy ride. As a bonus, Richie’s 3-Chord Garage – an unbeatable five-card suit of reimagined songs he wrote for The Doughboys – is tacked onto Pop Circles, offering the strutting riffs of “Land,” the explosive and vibrant R.E.M-like jangle of “Until Now” and the dark vibe and slow-building tension of “Route 22.” The heaviness and cycling six-string designs of “Hope,” from Pop Circles proper, would fit right in with that rough-and-tumble cast of characters. Accompanying this vivid rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza is a photo of Heyman sitting next to a small record player, old 45s scattered everywhere. Heyman is clearly in his element, as he is with Pop Circles, where suckers for surefire hooks cannot possibly ignore the catchy “Upside and Down,” and “In a Sunlight Room” is fluent in the winsome, country-tinged poetry once spoken by The Byrds. As wise as an elder statesman here, Heyman also sounds youthful and innocent, even euphoric, on the brilliantly conceived, almost flawless Pop Circles, beguiled by memories of romances and inspired by noble socio-political causes of the past and present.
-Elmore Magazine

Although Richard X Heyman has been performing for a long time (his band The Doughboys have been around since the 60’s), he’s managed to fly under my radar. My loss. With Pop Circles (a play on crop circles), Heyman gives us 18 – yes, that’s 18 – tracks of guitar jangle and catchy choruses. “If You’re So Inclined” is an instant winner with it’s Byrds-like guitar jangle and wonderful harmonies. “Upside Down” employs hand claps and whopping hooks while “Everything Must Go” is a more somber piece with a melody that will stick with you long after the initial listen. The harmonies in “About Time” are another highlights as well as “Route 22”, the title taken from the main highway that passes right through Plainfield and takes you anywhere you wanna go – or don’t – from there. Richard X Heyman’s Pop Circles is a don’t miss for any self respecting power pop fan.
-Power Pop News

The vintage jangling sounds throughout the album are well utilized to give his music a timeless quality and Richard’s vocals are strong and steady. “Action Screams Louder Than Words,” has an urgency and conviction, along with a solid solo guitar break. The romantic mid-tempo songs are also a big highlight, “As Love Would Have It” and the piano-led “Marlena” stand with RXH’s best work. Some of the more casual pop, like “A New Light” has echoes of Todd Rundgren and the harpsichord rolls and harmonies on “About Time” makes it a pure joy to listen to…a triumph. Highly Recommended.

Richard X. Heyman has perfected a melodic, driving sound across a dozen albums. This calls upon a perfect mélange of five decades of riffs, particularly when his piano suggests a Ben Folds flourish.
-Colorado Springs Independent

Another much needed release to check out is the latest album from the New York City pop/rock artist Richard X. Heyman. His new album titled Pop Circles is his 13th solo outing and features eighteen tracks, beginning with the adult contemporary pop melody of “Guess You Had To Be There.” This new release according to Heyman is a “love letter to the Baby Boomers, or anyone else out there who appreciates the great rock’n’roll of the 1960s.” The uptempo classic rock feel of “Upside and Down” becomes very addictive to move to, while “As Love Would Have It” features some of Heyman’s best harmonies. The sixties do come alive with the power pop tone of “In A Sunlit Room,” while “Hope” carries a harder rock edge that showcases Heyman’s wonderful songwriting range. He finishes up his new album with the straight-up shot of rock’n’roll with “Long Way Down” and the bluesy sound of “Route 22.”
-JP’s Music Blog

This album is excellent and needs to be at the top of your “must buy” list. And get the CD – you’ll want the cool packaging.
-Twirl Radio

18 songs, 18 great pop melodies…a wonderful sunny album!!

Filled with Heyman’s classic sense of pop harmonies and infectious hooks.
-KMUW Wichita, NPR 89.1

Pop Circles is one of his very best...Still he can sing together with himself deliciously and still his music makes you completely happy. It is absolutely justified that his site places him in the tradition of other one-man-bands, like Paul McCartney, Todd Rundgren and Emitt Rhodes. When it comes to constant quality he even outclasses these three.
-Heaven (Netherlands)

His journey has found him producing genre-bending ear worms that simply work. His years of service to the industry at large, his musical talents, and his ability to captivate a person with witty banter have all made it so he is an undeniable leader.
-Imperfect Fifth (UK)