If We Should Ever Meet Again
R. X. Heyman

If we should ever meet again
Out of the blue without a chance to hide
All nervous smiles, so civilized
And not a hint of what we know inside

I'd probably say some funny thing
To prove that I'm still witty in your mind
If we should ever meet again
I hope that we can leave it all behind

If we should ever find ourselves
Remembering more than we forgot
Then we will have to counter that
By seeing who we were and what we're not

And yes I still do think of you
The years moved on, you're still a part of me
If we should ever meet again
I know you'd be the first one to agree

So if we never know again
The kind of bond we lost along the way
At least we'll have what still remains
Locked in another time, another day

It's strange how people once so close
Can barely know each other truthfully
If we should ever meet again
I hope you still can see the best in me

©1997 Arrex Aitch Music/ Windswept Pacific Publishing
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