Yeh Man

Hey Man! Has It Really Been 25 Years?
Richard X. Heyman Celebrates 25 Years of “Hey Man!” with the "re-realized" "Yeh Man!"

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but a quarter of a century has gone by since Sire/Warner Bros. released Richard X. Heyman’s pop classic “Hey Man!” To celebrate this anniversary, RXH and his long-time band The Owls (Nancy Leigh, Andy Resnick, Kurt Reil) performed the “Hey Man!” album in its entirety at Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton Street, NYC on Saturday, March 19th, 2016.

“Hey Man!” was RXH’s second album, following the independently released “Living Room!!” (he had a penchant for exclamation marks in those days), and the title was both exclamatory and a phonetics lesson in how to pronounce his last name. It contains much beloved songs from his catalog, such as “Falling Away,” “Sidetracked,” “Civil War Buff” and “In The Scheme of Things” as well as many more choice selections such as “To Whiskey Flats,” “Private Army,” “The Waking Hour” among others.

RXH co-produced “Hey Man!” with Andy Paley, known for his work with Brian Wilson. Recording took place at Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles, in the very room where The Beach Boys recorded all their classic hits. On the first day of tracking, as RXH was setting up his drums in the middle of the legendary live room, an engineer told him that the great session drummer Hal Blaine (member of “The Wrecking Crew” who played on many Beach Boys’ tunes) used to set up his kit at the end of the room, next to the glass window between it and the control room. So that’s where RXH set up his kit! The album was mixed at Sunset Sound by Mark Linett (known for his work on The Beach Boys CD reissues), in the room where The Buffalo Springfield tracked their first album.

For this milestone occasion, RXH has “re-realized” the album and the refurbished tracks are now available via download here on Richard's website only.

Heyman fans know that RXH hasn’t been idle in the two-and-a-half decades since “Hey Man!”’s release, and is, in fact, currently finishing up his eleventh album at his home studio The Kit Factory, as well as having contributed tunes, singing and drumming on the four releases by The Doughboys, of which he is a founding member. But the songs from “Hey Man!” have always held a special place in his heart. Don’t miss this opportunity to download these new and improved versions of the songs from Richard X. Heyman's classic “Hey Man!” album.

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