Every time I drift out toward the past
And the giant net it casts
Won’t be defied
And though I’m peering through rose-tinted shades
Seeing grass of greener blades
Can’t be denied

Muses moving in the air, something new was happening everywhere
At times the grief was hard to bear, but it was countered by the joy we’d share
I guess you had to be there

I don’t mean to disappear or dwell
In the water from the well
Again and again
Nostalgia lives way down on memory lane
Where I visit in the rain
Now and then

And there were those who warned beware, the world around you can be cruel and unfair
But we were caught up in the glare and sage advice was greeted with a stare
I guess you had to be there

Every time I hear a certain song
Then I’m sure where I belong
I think somehow
Though in my head I know I can’t return
Will my poor heart ever learn
To beat here and now?

I won’t justify or dare, I only know that quality is rare
There’s nothing current to compare, to match today with then is hardly fair
I guess you had to be there
Guess you had to be there
Guess you had to be there