Try as you might, you’re dragged down
Into the undertow
And cry – but that only adds a frown
As you flail below
And sigh – and right before you drown
You’re buoyed up by hope

Run, but it’s hard to hide between
All the broken cracks
And spun by the master’s spin machine
And their brass attacks
And done when there’s nowhere left to lean
You still cling to hope, hope, to help you cope

Hope, when there’s everything to lose
Nothing left to gain
And hope when all the options that you choose
Only bring you pain
And hope when each headline is bad news
You still see the hope

Hope when your reputation’s trashed
Lying on the mat
Hope, opportunity is dashed
And you think that’s that
Hope when even your thick skin is slashed
You’re mended by hope, to help you cope
Hope, hope, hope, hope