A line was crossed, love’s shine now lost

Damn the road, the one I’m on today (Marlena)
What once glowed has dimmed to battle grey (Marlena)
Damn the fog that clouds my windshield screen (Marlena)
I’m one more cog in this mad machine

We tried (turnpike drivin' in the dark) to cope (Bordentown to Ridgefield Park), but I’d (78 and red tail lights) lost hope (Lebanon to Berkeley Heights)

Damn the road that I’m barrelin’ down (Marlena)
On overload, as I speed through one more town
Damn the lane and this highway that I’m on (Marlena)
Right past Wayne and on to Patterson

The rage (and now I strayed as I barrel down) has burned (from vows we made to another town), a page (22's a lonely ride) has turned (Readington to Mountainside)

Damn the road I drive eternally (Marlena)
Denville to Lodi, Fort Lee to NYC
Trusted a lamb so gentle and wise (Marlena)
Now here I am with wool over my eyes

Damn the road, the one I’m on today (Marlena, Marlena)