Well at the age of ten I had a strong fascination
For a book on the war between the States by Bruce Catton
I would read it all day, I never went out to play
I had more important things on my mind
I built a big diorama from the battle of Chattanooga,
Tennessee including Missionary Ridge, down to every last detail
Like Lookout Mountain, General Braggs' headquarters was even there too
Well I'm a Civil War buff
I am one of the real fanatics
Yeah I'm a Civil War buff
From Fort Sumter to Appomattox
Well the South had superior generals it's true
But the Yankees had the numbers and the money for guns
And I often wonder how the world would be today
If the South had actually won
Well I'm a Civil War buff
Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln
Well I'm a Civil War buff
As we watched the Merrimac sinkin' down
Now I hate war the same as every sane man
I think killing is a sin without any exception
So I can't hardly tell you why I feel the way I do
I get a strange sense of deja vu
Well I'm a Civil War buff
Maybe I was shot down at Vicksburg
Yeah I'm a Civil War buff
I love Matthew Brady's pictures of soldiers lying in the rain
Whoa, I'm sorry that they died in vain