Words & Music by Richard X. Heyman, Copyright 2013

Pleasure seemed sweet til I wove
A web of deceit and the wedge that I drove
Between us now I know that you won’t be the one
To share with
The in-jokes and the fun, the consequence undone
To bear with

No you won’t be the one

What was I thinking of, I don’t know
To the breaking point of love, why did I go?
Now I won’t be the one to tell my deepest fears in your ear
And each new faded sun and every jaded year is so clear
No I won’t be the one

There’s a storm after every calm
And there’s a lifeline
That wanders across my palm
And there’s a road sign
That leads me out of town
Where we were once as one
Now that’s gone
My actions brought us down, my words left me undone
Don’t know who’s wrong
But you won’t be the one

I have to face the fact
That you won’t be the one to turn to
When all the odds are stacked against me
Gold I’ve won has turned blue

If someone said to me the lies I sold as true
I’d know it
There’d be no bargain plea, their alibis, lies too
They’d blow it
No I won’t be the one