Very vogue on the outside, very vague on the inside, what’s more
She’s a name dropper, pill popper, bar hopper, keeper of the score
With her hair in a permanent nest
She’s tryin’ to pass for twenty, but her eyes fail the test
It’s a wonder we’ve gotten this far, Miss Angelina Starr

When she says “how ya’ doin” as the pill she is chewin’ disappears
That in only half an hour she will blossom like a flower in the mirror
And she’s smokin’ but she isn’t very hot
And she thinks she’s got so much of the things she hasn’t got
Now she’s drivin’ the back of my car, Miss Angelina Starr

In a trance she’s romancin’ with whoever she is dancin’ with right now
In a trance, tight pants, with a pseudo-tough stance she goes “oh wow”
She’s a menace to sobriety
And she’s hung up lots of good men but she won’t hang over me
Now my life has become so bizarre with Angelina, Miss Angelina Starr
Miss Angelina Starr