It’s been said that when life hands you melons, you might be dyslexic. On the other hand, 2020 was handing out the ol’ lemons left and right. Nancy and I gathered up those lemons, washed ‘em, chopped ‘em up, froze ‘em, ground 'em and sprinkled ‘em on nearly everything we ate. I think that's what got us through the past year and a half. There’s a moral in there somewhere. Ah yes, we recorded my fourteenth album, “Copious Notes”. All that mellow yellow spurred me on to write some new songs and gave us both (along with a few other muses floating about) the wherewithal to complete the record (yes I still call them “records”!). Anyway, these twelve songs in a strange way reflect the mood and emotions we felt during the previous and unprecedented eighteen months. In the immortal words of America's premier poet laureate and Nobel prize winner, play it *&$%#@* loud!


mp3 1. Nearly There
mp3 2. Choices We Make
mp3 3. Tell Me When
mp3 4. Cedarbrook Park
mp3 5. Sink Or Swim
mp3 6. Oval
mp3 7. The Truth
mp3 8. But Our Love
mp3 9. One and All
mp3 10. Return To You
mp3 11. Ransom
mp3 12. The Greater Good

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