DISCOGRAPHY - "67,000 Miles An Album" - LYRICS



Tell you what, there’s a spot where you’ve never been
It’s a short ride up through Watchung, it’ll make your poor head spin
Back in ‘77, Will Howe was Westfield-bound
But old George, he had this look-out, and the Brits were lost then found, from Washington Rock

And you’ll see, when we get up there, it’s a fine view to behold
A panoramic vista where you can feel forever unfold
In fact, the General stayed in Plainfield at the Drake House right downtown
Where he planned the Battle of Short Hills that sent a message to the crown, from Washington Rock

Don’t mean to get nostalgic but when the present feels too confined
I find myself transported to a place that’s alive in my mind
Yes, these sights have a special meaning, I mean beyond historically
You see I first went with my father and he shared this world with me, on Washington Rock

Washington wasn’t perfect, no he was flawed in a profound way
But still I have to wonder how he’d look at us today from Washington Rock

On Washington Rock