To become an Actual Sighs Activist:

  1. You can charge your contribution to your favorite credit card; or

  2. Send a check, cash or money order (made out to Nancy Heyman) no later than December 31, 2005 to:

210 East Broadway, #H1007
New York, NY 10002

Please be sure to specify on the check or attached note which Tier you are joining.


  • Tier 1. Pre-buy “Actual Sighs” for $25 and you will receive an autographed copy of the CD as soon as it is available.
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  • Tier 2. For $35, you’ll get the autographed CD and your name in the liner note thank you’s.
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  • Tier 3. For $50, you get #1 and #2 above, plus a very special bonus disc. Those of you who have a copy of “Rightovers” (the bonus disc that came with being a member of the Basic Glee Choir) know that Richard doesn’t fool around when it comes to a bonus disc, and I’m sure the “Actual Sighs” bonus will be very special indeed.
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  • Tier 4. Donate anything up and above #3 and you’ll not only get #1, #2 and #3, but also an autographed picture of Richard plus our undying gratitude for helping to raise the budget we need to put out this great lost debut album “Actual Sighs.”

    Please send a check, cash or money order!

  • Tier 5. $500 (plus travel and accommodation expenses). All of the above plus Richard and Nancy will come to your home to perform a house concert ! (This Tier limited to people living within a 250 mile radius of New York City.) Check out Richard’s website under “Tour Diary” for accounts of house concerts Richard and Nancy have performed recently. They’re invariably a blast!
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  • Tier 6. $5000. All of the above plus a lock of Richard’s hair! (Just kidding…)
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By the way, the “Actual Sighs” album will include the six songs from the “Actual Size” EP, giving you a total of twenty tracks!

Thank you so much – Richard and I truly appreciate your loyalty over the past two decades.

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