Basic Glee

Greetings everyone out there in Computer Land. Just a quick note to let you know I have a new album called "Basic Glee" which is available for purchase on this very website. There are fourteen original songs in a variety of keys including B, E, the ever optimistic C, G, the righteous D, A-minor, the enigmatic B-flat, C-sharp, and the mercilessly somber B-minor, among others -- all recorded at home at Tabby Road Studio (except for the drums which were tracked at East Side Sound Studio here in New York). I refer to this record as my "guitar album". There are a ton of them, ranging from my trusty Telecaster to my merry Martin acoustic. In between there are Rickenbacker six and twelve-strings, a Stratocaster (courtesy of Michael Mazzarella), and a Les Paul (generously loaned by Doug Larcey), plus a wonderful glassy-sounding Yamaha acoustic twelve-string. The bass duties shared by Nancy and myself were performed on a Hofner 500/2 model (more about that in the liner notes). The drums are my old Ludwig four-piece kit, except for a couple of songs done at Hot Sound Studios using a Yamaha set ("Pauline" and "My Lorraine Bow"). The vocals were sung into a Rode Classic Tube microphone, which went through a Summit pre-amp compressor and into an ADAT XT20 recorder. (I know I'm starting to sound pretty technical, but believe me, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.) Nancy and I worked long and hard on these tracks, and we appreciate your patience. Thank you for your support over the years and I hope you dig the new disc. I think it's the best one yet.

1. Everywhere She Goes
8. Vantage Point High Lyrics
2. Pauline
9. Wishful Thinking
3. One Way Feeling
10. What In The World
mp3 Lyrics
4. Let It Go
11. Waterline
5. When Evening Comes 12. That Will Be The Moment
6. Diminishing Her Return
13. Hand Prints
mp3 Lyrics
7. Broken Umbrella
14. My Lorraine Bow Lyrics