The Gallery
R. X. Heyman

Forsake the task you bring upon yourself
And relax
Protect the very thing that you attack

The blackness that you see
Comes only from the lack of color
Paint the palace walls all over
Remake the scenery
Oh remake the scenery

Could they in all their bible days be blamed
For us now
We'll leave before the waters rise and make
One last vow

Cause I've been there before
And I've been thinking 'bout a way back
We'll leave by following the true sign
A tree in Palestine
Oh, a tree in Palestine

Between the truth and all your gentleness
That you fake
There lies a place that I can crawl into
And escape

To see the sun set down
Well I can only sit and wonder
And I feel like a wounded clown
Lost in the gallery
Oh, the gallery is fading

Oh the gallery is fading
Oh the gallery is fading
Oh the gallery is fading
Oh, the gallery is fading

©1986 Arrex Aitch Music
Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited